Avoid These Five Drinks to Maintain a Healthy Smile

Avoid These Five Drinks to Maintain a Healthy Smile

Dec 03, 2021

In the present day modern world, there are sufficient choices of drinks to leave you confused. You can consider drinking tea, coffee, sports drinks, energy drinks, et cetera. However, you find it challenging to figure out which drinks to have or which to avoid and how they affect your oral health. This article provides some essential information for you to consider when choosing the beverages you want to consume.

Drinks to Avoid to Maintain a Healthy Smile

Sugary Beverages

Choosing tasty beverages healthy for your teeth is a challenging subject. For example, if you want to have a fruit drink must ensure the fruit content in it before having it. If the fruit juice you select contains less than 50 percent fruit juice, it is not ideal for your teeth. In addition, beverages with added sweeteners are best avoided as far as possible. For example, sodas have 11 teaspoons of sugar per serving, a leading cause of tooth decay.

The bacteria in your mouth feast on the sugar you consume to create acids that erode tooth enamel. Over time the erosion makes your teeth sensitive, eventually leading to tooth decay. If you must consume sugary beverages, rinse your mouth with water to wash away the harmful sugars and acids.

Acidic Beverages

When choosing any drink, do not concentrate on sugar because it isn’t the only culprit. Acids are another cause of tooth decay. You may think you avoid sugar by having diet beverages. However, are you aware you are still exposing your teeth to citric, phosphoric, and carbonic acids? If not, please note that these acids erode tooth enamel and help the bacteria in your mouth flourish, raising your pH level in the mouth, a leading cause of gum disease.

Staining Beverages

Another problem with many drinks is their staining feature. Besides, soda beverages like tea and coffee also have staining properties. Even white tea and clear soda have staining properties causing tooth decay because of their acidic nature.

Red and White Wine

Do you think red wine is staining and white wine is not? In reality, white wine is more acidic than red wine having the same problems as other acidic beverages. Therefore, to maintain your teeth and health in optimal condition, these drinks are best consumed in moderation.

Energy Drinks

Please do not think energy drinks are better than all the beverages described above because they give you an instant energy boost. Unfortunately, research reveals people consuming energy drinks frequently have more problems with tooth decay and cavities. Therefore these beverages are best avoided or consumed in moderation.

Excellent Drinks for Your Teeth

While there is no shortage of many beverages harmful to your teeth, your dental team will recommend some excellent options that help to protect your smile. They are:


An excellent beverage to build a strong body and protect your teeth is milk. Milk is rich in calcium to provide you with the building blocks to have strong teeth. In addition, milk also helps battle against tooth decay. Milk contains proteins called caseins that coat your teeth to help neutralize the acids from food and bacteria. The general dentist in Seattle advises that if you are drinking milk with desserts, you benefit by having it after enjoying your treat because it helps wash away the sugars that attack your teeth.

Water Excellent for Your Oral Health

If you want to maintain excellent oral health, the Seattle dentist recommends you drink plenty of water. Acids and sugars present in other drinks are absent in water, making it crucial to maintain your body and mind in healthy condition. Water also has a plethora of advantages for your entire body. For example, water helps improve skin complexion, maintain a healthy immune system, and flush out toxins in your body.

Cutting calories from your diet is comfortable if you drink water instead of soda and high-calorie drinks. In addition, drinking water is also fluoridated to help you fight cavities, making it the most effortless technique available to maintain a healthy smile. However, please do not assume you can have sparkling water because it contains carbonic acid that can erode your tooth enamel. Instead, stick with flat water or tap water to benefit from this excellent beverage.

With multiple options available, it is not challenging to select a drink damaging to your teeth. Instead, you must consume your favorite beverages in moderation while having plenty of water to keep your teeth healthy with your smile.

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