Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry in Seattle, Washington

Although most young children are nervous when they go to the dentist, they usually take visits in stride. However, some kids are terrified of dental visits. They’ve either had a bad experience, or they don’t like strangers. For those kids, sedation dentistry may be necessary to treat them.


At Seattle Sound Dental, we provide laughing gas for kids and adults. We can also provide an oral sedative to help ease an adult patient’s anxiety. Please call our office if you have any questions about the types of sedation we offer.

Can a Parent Be Present During the Procedure?

Our dentists encourage parents to be in the room with their children during dental procedures. It usually helps kids to remain calm and less anxious. Also, before we sedate children, we advise parents what will happen and discuss side effects with them.

With the knowledge of what the dentists will do, parents can explain it to their kids and let them know what to expect. Laughing gas or liquid sedatives helps kids to be calmer and, if injections of pain relievers are necessary, they are less apt to feel the shots.

Our dentists at Seattle Sound Dental have experience working with children, so they can usually keep them calm before and during their procedures.

What are the Side Effects of Sedation?

If this is your child’s first time with sedation, keep a close eye on him or her after their dental visit and look for signs of sensitivity to it. They may:

  • Throw up
  • Feel sad, grumpy, or upset
  • Feel sleepy or groggy
  • Be dizzy

Most side effects are minor but inform our dentists if they have reactions to the sedative. The dentist may need to give them a lighter dosage or change to an oral sedative if they show sensitivities to laughing gas or vice versa.

At Seattle Sound Dental, we feel privileged that you trust your children’s dental health to us in Seattle, Washington, and we will do all we can to keep that trust.

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