A Comprehensive Guide on Choosing the Right Mouthguard

A Comprehensive Guide on Choosing the Right Mouthguard

Aug 01, 2023

Mouthguards aka (mouth protectors) prevent thousands of injuries annually. They cover the upper teeth and keep lips, cheek lining, tongue, and jaw safe. It minimizes the risk of soft tissue injury or broken teeth. If you participate in hockey, football, rollerblading, BMX, or other high-intensity contact sports, picking the suitable mouthguard is crucial.

Tips to Choose the Best Mouthguard

Check the tips on picking the suitable guard for you:

Consider FDA Approval

Before purchasing a mouthguard for you or your dear one, look for a Food and Drug Administration seal. It will ensure that the device has undergone stringent tests and meets the required safety standards.

Choose the Appropriate Material

The most common material used for mouth protestors is thermoplastic. Thermoplastic is easy to mold, comfortable, and soft. It is also manufactured from vinyl, rubber, or silicone. Therefore, pick the material that provides the best comfort, durability, and enough protection for your mouth.

Take into account the Proper Fit

Another factor to consider when selecting a mouthguard is the fit. An improperly fit mouth protector does not give the right protection to the mouth. So, the device you pick fits over the teeth and gums snugly. It will give sufficient protection to prevent jaw, gums, and teeth damage and let you speak and breathe comfortably.

During an impact, a well-fitted mouthguard does not get dislodged or loose. It stays firmly on the upper teeth without being held in its position in the lower jaw.

Look for Comfort

If your guard does not provide comfort, you do not want to wear it. Athletes breathe a lot through their mouths. Therefore, make sure the mouthpiece does not block the airflow.

Check for the Associated Accessories

Mouthguards available today are different from the ones available in the past. They now come with high-performance upgrades. For example, patients can lock their lower jaw in a forward position slightly using a mouthguard. It puts minimal stress on the TMJ joint.

Ensure Customization

Patients can get complete personalization – from name, number, and shade to logo. It’s an essential piece of gear for athletic players. Since the mouth of every individual is unique, make sure you get a guard built by considering the exact individual mouth structure.

Getting a customized mouthguard is best if you grind your teeth or take part in contact sports. It is the most comfortable choice out of the mouthguard types available.

For a customized mouthpiece, you can visit a dental clinic or shop online. The dentist first creates an impression of your teeth and fabricates a custom mouthguard for the exact specifications of your mouth.

Find Right Size

Today, mouth protectors are available in numerous sizes – from children to adults. Too small or too big guards do not give sufficient protection to the mouth. A mouthguard does not have any use if it keeps falling out of the mouth.

Therefore, when choosing a mouthguard, the dentist Seattle WA recommends measuring your mouth and checking the size chart of your manufacturer. It will ensure that the guard you pick will fit properly. The wearer can only eliminate their guard by pulling them out using their fingers.

Check Tear Resistant Quality

The mouthguard you select must not tear or break even due to a slight amount of pressure. While buying, make sure your guard is strong enough to absorb falls and everyday impact.

Ensure Hassle-Free Cleaning

It is pivotal to maintain proper hygiene of the guard daily. Therefore, you must pick the one that has easy cleaning.

Check Durability

The right mouthguard remains for a long time with you. When wearing a guard, if it limits your speech, do not buy it. It’s because it will prevent you from communicating with other players.

Speak to Our Family Dentist Seattle WA Today

Few sports have a chance of getting a direct impact on the face. So athletes need to receive proper protection for their particular sport. Complete protection begins with at least 4 mm of mouthguard material under the molars and the regions in the front of the teeth.

Mouthguards also provide better breathing, communication, and comfort, which is crucial for team sports. For an inquiry regarding sports mouthguards or you need cosmetic dentistry services, speak to the experienced local dentist at the Seattle Sound Dental office today.

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