Preventive Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry in Seattle, WA

When it comes to ensuring continued oral well-being, an excellent rule of thumb to live by is: prevention outweighs cure. Most dental problems are preventable. However, prevention calls for diligence and discipline. It means observing proper dental hygiene at home through regular brushing and flossing and avoiding harmful habits. It also means scheduling regular visits with your dentist for continuous monitoring.

Here at Seattle Sound Dental, we encourage all our patients to take preventive dentistry seriously. By prioritizing preventive care, you can avoid numerous dental challenges that call for complicated and invasive treatments. Please book an appointment today with Dr. Tanner, our friendly and compassionate dentist with extensive experience in preventive dentistry in Seattle, WA.

Our Preventive Dentistry Services

We provide comprehensive preventive dentistry near you. We tailor our services to suit our patients’ unique needs and welcome patients of all ages and backgrounds. Dr. Tanner combines years of experience and cutting edge dental technology to help our patients safeguard their dental health. Visit us today if you’re looking for a multi-specialty dental practice that provides:

  • Comprehensive dental exams
  • Regular dental exams and cleanings (hygiene appointments)
  • Dental sealants
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Dental x-rays

Importance of Preventive Dentistry

At Seattle Sound Dental, we encourage our patients to prioritize preventive dental care so they can continue to enjoy excellent dental health. Some of the key benefits of preventive dental care include:

  • Preventive dentistry lowers your risk of developing common dental problems, e.g., gum disease and tooth decay.
  • Early identification of dental problems, if any, reduces your likelihood of requiring extensive and expensive dental treatments.
  • Checking in regularly with your dentist allows the dentist to catch signs of other underlying health issues.
  • Excellent oral health often translates into superior overall well-being. Reputable studies have shown that oral and overall health are interconnected.

Are you looking for a leading, conveniently located dental office that provides preventive dentistry in Seattle, WA? Our dentist near you is your best ally when it comes to ensuring continued oral well-being. Contact our dental practice today to arrange an appointment with Dr. Tanner.

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