Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards in Seattle, Washington

Do you need help protecting your teeth from grinding, clenching, snoring, or sports injuries? Customized mouth guards at Seattle Sound Dental can help your teeth stay safe from trauma, wear, and tear.

Custom-Made Mouth Guards from Your Dentist

Although readymade mouthguards are easily available, they don’t quite provide the same level of comfort as customized models. Everyone has a unique oral cavity in terms of size, shape, and contours, and it’s always better to get a personalized mouth guard for your unique requirements.

If you’re using the mouth guard for sleep apnea, for example, there are fewer chances of it getting dislodged accidentally during the night. If you’re a sports enthusiast and play a contact sport, a snugly fitting mouth guard is an absolute must to protect your teeth from trauma.

If you play soccer, boxing, basketball, ice hockey, skating, ice and field hockey or rugby (or any other sport for that matter), please contact Seattle Sound Dental for more information.

The absence of a mouthguard can leave your teeth vulnerable to serious injury and trauma that may require emergency treatment. Why take chances? Call our dentist in Seattle, Washington for mouth guards near you.

How Mouth Guards Can Help with Teeth Grinding

Many patients suffer from a condition called bruxism or teeth grinding. Teeth grinding can damage your tooth enamel (the upper dental arch unconsciously grates against the lower set), wear out your teeth, and cause injury to your gums.

Many people grind their teeth during sleep. Bruxism may also lead to jaw pain and tooth pain. Teeth grinding can also damage prosthetics like sealants, crowns, bridges, and veneers.

Our dentist helps patients with bruxism by fitting them with mouth guards. Stock mouth guards and the boil-and-bite type models tend to get brittle and weak with use. Our personalized mouth guards help you get a good night’s sleep.

We offer a range of durable, well-fitting, and comfortable mouth guards for various reasons. If you need a custom-made mouthguard for yourself or a loved one, please make an appointment at Seattle Sound Dental for mouth guards in Seattle, Washington.

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