Black Triangles


If you have recently completed orthodontic treatment (with braces or Invisalign) or have experienced some gum recession, you might notice triangle-shaped black spaces between your teeth at the gum line. These “black triangles” are also known as open gingival embrasures and are are relatively common occurrence – some people have these spaces all their lives, while some develop them later due to orthodontic treatment or gum recession.

In the past, dentists have had very few treatment options for these black triangle spaces, either leaving them alone (because they don’t cause any harm) or reshaping the tooth and placing a crown or veneer. No one wants to grind down a perfectly intact tooth just to close a little bit of space – it’s like taking a sledgehammer to a tiny pin nail!

Through the ingenuity of a few clever dentists and a company called BioClear, Dr. Tanner at Seattle Sound Dental is now able to close those black triangles with tooth-colored filling material that perfectly blends into your smile and creates a long-lasting, aesthetic result! No tooth structure is taken away, the filling is simply bonded your existing too using a patented clear matrix that is removed after the filling has cured.

This is normally a one-visit treatment, and you can even eat and drink normally as soon as you leave! Schedule an appointment today with our downtown Seattle dentist.

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