Choosing the right fillings for you

Choosing the right fillings for you

Apr 01, 2021

Dental fillings are one of the common cures of teeth cavities. The procedure involves the removal of the part that is decayed and a fill is applied on the area that has been removed to cover that part that has been removed. This prevents further breakage and decay of the teeth. People with broken or cracked teeth can also benefit from dental filling. The fillings are essential in the repair of cracked or broken teeth. Teeth that have been worn out as a result of grinding also benefits from the use of fillings to reshape and cover the space that has been ground out.

The fillings that you have will be stuck with you for a long time. It is important to make the right choice when choosing the type of fillings that you have in your teeth. The types of fillings that you will chose from are guided by the materials that they are made from. The type will influence the cost of the filling that you get and the quality that you have in a way that the fillings that are of high quality cost more. Here are some of the fillings in the market and what you should know about them when making the decision.

Cast gold fillings

The cast gold fillings are known for their durability. The filings will last for at least 10 and 15 years or even longer if taken good care of. The material does not corrode making it more durable than other metallic fillings. They are also strong and can withstand even some of the hard foods. Then there is the aesthetic value that comes with gold compared to those that are made of silver. However, expect to pay more for the gold filings even as you will always have additional visits to the dentist office during the installation. The interaction between the metal and the saliva may cause galvanizing shock, which is a sharp pain. However, this is not a common occurrence.

The silver or amalgams fillings

These fillings are also durable lasting almost as long as the gold filling while they are also equally strong. However, you will pay less for the silver compared to the gold fillings. There are however some disadvantages. They do not look as good as the gold filling and their installation will require some destruction of some parts of the teeth that maybe in the good quality. The silver fillings also tend to discolor and having cracks and fractures after sometime.  The filing is not good for people who are allergic to silver being that silver is not as stable as gold.

Tooth-colored composites

The other option is the tooth colored composite whose primary advantage is that they look like the natural teeth such that they blend with the other unaffected teeth. The composite fillings have a stronger and micro-mechanical bond to the structure of the teeth increasing the level of attachment. The filling option is also versatile such that the material can be used to repair decays and chips of the natural teeth. The installation of the type of filling also requires minimal preparations with respect to the areas that are to be removed for a firm filling to be realized. However, they fillings do not last and you will need additional visits to the dentist during the application especially when they are used for inlays or on lays.  They chip and more expensive than silver amalgam option.

There are other types of fillings such as ceramics and glass ionomer. Ceramics is very expensive making it unpopular while glass ionomer is usually weaker and commonly used for children fillings.

Fillings are used to fill cavities in the teeth and enhance the level of oral hygiene among the patients. The procedure for filing varies with the type of filling that you chose and its usage to fill cavities with respect to the size of the cavity. Tooth destroyed from various causes can be restored through the filling procedure and additional damage to the oral health limited. However, even after having fillings, high levels of oral hygiene must be maintained. You can get your teeth filled from downtown Seattle dentist from dental care Seattle.  All you need to do is search for downtown Seattle dentist or dental care Seattle and chose your filling.

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