Tips for a Speedy Wisdom Teeth Recovery: Dos and Don’ts

Tips for a Speedy Wisdom Teeth Recovery: Dos and Don’ts

Jun 02, 2023

Your third molars the wisdom teeth generally erupt between 17 and 21. Occasionally the third molars serve as worthy assets in your mouth when they emerge robust and correctly aligned. Unfortunately in most cases they are not correctly aligned and necessitate removal.

Wisdom teeth removal surgery is a complicated surgical process making it essential to recover speedily after undergoing any surgery. To help you recover quickly after wisdom teeth removed to provide a list of dos and don’ts you must follow to ensure you don’t confront challenges that will need treatments from damage the emergency dentist in Seattle.

Dos for a Speedy Wisdom Teeth Recovery

After you complete wisdom teeth extraction from the nearby dentist it helps if you follow the dos mentioned below to ensure a speedy recovery. They are:

  • Rest: after getting your wisdom teeth removed undergoing a surgical process you must relax for the following 48 hours. However it doesn’t indicate you must remain bedridden but avoid strenuous activities that might dislodge the blood clot.
  • Head Elevation: elevating your head when lying down with the help of extra pillows helps alleviate the swelling in your mouth.
  • Ice And Heat Packs: during the first 24 to 48 hours you can apply ice packs on your cheeks to alleviate swelling. However you must use the ice packs intermittently on your cheeks 15 minutes on and off because excessive use can create tissue damage. After 24 hours you can use warm compresses on your cheeks to lessen swelling.
  • Biting on the Cotton Gauze: the dentist near you places cotton gauze on the extraction site asking you to bite on it gently to help stop the bleeding. You must keep gentle pressure on the gauze for about 30 minutes but you can replace it if it becomes saturated with blood.
  • Keep Your Mouth Clean: while you will confront challenges brushing around the surgical site it does not mean you can leave the extraction site unattended. You can use salt water to gargle your mouth after a meal several times during the day.
  • Food Intake: you must limit food intake to the software variety that will not require excessive chewing or biting. Foods like soups, applesauce, mashed potatoes, yogurt, milk shake, smoothies, et cetera are excellent options after wisdom teeth removal.
  • Avoid Chewing near the Surgical Site: you are responsible to ensure you do not disturb the blood clot in your gums by allowing food particles to damage it. Therefore you must chew from the other side of the mouth to prevent dislodging the blood clot.
  • Jaw Exercises: opening and closing your mouth gently will help you exercise your jaw as long as you do not start the exercises immediately following wisdom tooth removal.
  • Remain Hydrated: you can’t remain hydrated by drinking plenty of water without using straws.
  • Medications: the downtown Seattle dentist prescribes medications to provide comfort from the pain after the anesthesia you received wears off. Take the medications as prescribed without skipping doses because they help prevent pain from the surgery.
  • Brushing: you can brush your teeth from the following day after wisdom tooth removal remaining gentle near the surgical site.

Don’ts for a speedy Wisdom Teeth Recovery

  • Avoid Using Straws, Sucking, Spitting, Smoking, or Consuming Alcohol: these practices can encourage dislodging of the blood clot forming over the extraction site. If you dislodge the blood clot it results in a dry socket a painful condition that will undoubtedly need help from the emergency dentist in Seattle.
  • Avoid Liquids, Eating, or Talking Following the Surgery: immediately following wisdom tooth removal that helps if you avoid eating and drinking until the anesthesia you received wears off entirely. You must also refrain from talking because it eases pressure on the gauze pad to increase bleeding.
  • Avoid Solid Foods: you must stay away from hard and crunchy foods for about a week and refrain from having spicy foods and carbonated drinks until after a week. You can have solid foods about six hours following your surgery when your mouth no longer feels numb.
  • Avoid Poking at the Surgical Site: poking at the surgical site with your fingers or tongue can provoke bleeding to dislodge the blood clot. Therefore you must avoid the practice to prevent additional pain and discomfort in the mouth that will require a visit to the dentist.

If you experience bleeding beyond 24 hours despite adopting the above practices you must visit the dental clinic for help especially if the bleeding is a company by fever.

Wisdom teeth removal process are relatively straightforward and performed on many adults and teenagers. If you must have a wisdom tooth removed Seattle Sound Dental performs them using minimally invasive techniques. Kindly arrange a meeting with them to have your wisdom tooth removed and recover speedily by following the above mentioned instructions.