Three Teeth Straightening Procedures

Three Teeth Straightening Procedures

Nov 01, 2021

Presently everyone makes attempts to have that picture-perfect smile. However, to have Hollywood smiles, everyone must ensure they have teeth aligned correctly. They are not affected by misalignments or malocclusion, leaving them with a bad bite and crooked teeth.


Trying to find remedies for teeth straightening isn’t as challenging as imagined. However, there is a need to consult with your orthodontist to determine which treatment is suitable for you before choosing any therapy for teeth straightening. Losing sleep over your misaligned or crooked teeth will not help unless you schedule an appointment with a dentist or orthodontist to evaluate your mouth and advice the best treatment for your specific needs. This article describes three treatments for teeth straightening that you may find helpful to put your teeth in their correct positions. Please continue reading to realize which treatment is best for your needs.




Invisalign is a reputed brand of clear aligners introduced for teeth straightening in the late 90s. If you want a flexible and virtually invisible teeth-straightening method, you will find the transparent aligners from Invisalign custom created explicitly for you to move your teeth into their correct positions an excellent therapy.


To qualify for Invisalign treatment, you must contact a certified Invisalign provider near you. The provider examines your teeth and mouth to determine the complexity of your situation. If you qualify for Invisalign treatment, the provider takes 3D impressions of your mouth and even allows you to see how your smile appears after Invisalign treatment. The images are forwarded to the manufacturers to custom create your transparent aligners.


Your treatment begins when you receive your first set of clear aligners for wearing over your teeth. The aligners are similar to braces but without any wires or brackets, ensuring you receive a comfortable treatment to straighten your teeth. The first batch of aligners you receive is for wearing over your teeth for about two weeks. After that, you continue receiving a fresh set for the duration of your treatment.


Invisalign treatment is beneficial because it is available at an affordable price, and the aligners do not restrict you from eating the foods you love because of their removable feature. However, the aligners must rest on your teeth for 20 to 22 hours every day. Unfortunately, Invisalign is unsuitable for complicated situations of orthodontic problems.


Six Month Braces


Six-month braces are another excellent treatment offering expedited treatments for patients with minor orthodontic misalignments. Six-month braces provide invisible aligners and clear braces, allowing you the freedom to choose between one of them. Unfortunately, six-month braces are available at higher prices than other treatments. Therefore if you are willing to pay the higher fees to get your teeth straightened faster than other treatments, you can prefer this remedy for teeth straightening, understanding this is a cosmetic treatment. However, if you have severe bite issues or misalignments, the treatment is unsuitable for you.




Surgery for teeth straightening is also an option available as a last resort. You can consider the surgical option if you want a radical and permanent solution to the problem you encounter. The surgical procedure is not as painful or scary as you may imagine and is beneficial if the orthodontic problem affecting you is not with your teeth but with the jaw. The surgical procedure is minor and unsuitable if you want to straighten merely a couple of teeth.


Surgery for orthodontic problems involves moving the gums and bones to shift your teeth into their national positions. The surgery also has long-term benefits because it leads to better chewing, improved bites, and better breath. It also prevents the misalignment from creating havoc in your mouth and delivers results faster than other treatments with braces on transparent aligners. However, some risks are associated with the surgery, as it is standard with all surgical procedures.


Teeth straightening procedures are unlike the ones available earlier when you had to rely on traditional metal brackets and wires from orthodontics and wear them for three years or more before you could display straighter teeth and a beautiful smile before everyone.


Currently, whichever treatment you choose, it is incredibly essential for you to follow your orthodontist’s instructions during the course of your treatment. You must also select the best provider in your location to ensure you don’t invest money in a provider that may not offer the appropriate therapy for teeth straightening.

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